Sunday, 21 October 2012

Boy George Shoot

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, life has just been a bit busy!
My latest uni project took up a lot of my time but the results were worth it.
In a group of 4 we had to produce a 6+ page editorial with 6 outfits based on research we did on an artist. (I'll post pictures of this later)
To 'practice' styling for a more professional shoot we were given an 80's pop star and had to style our models based on them for a cover shot for 'Self service' magazine. The pop star we were given was Boy George which I was pleased with as I felt their were lots of directions we could go and experiment with.

We had a 2nd year photographer take the pictures so we could concentrate on styling and directing the shoot. This meant we had to communicate with the photographer and both models I feel as if we did this successfully and created images I'm proud of.
Photographer: Sam Binns
Stylists: Poppy Seddon
Danielle O'Brien
Daniel Ellison

Poppy Eliza x

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