Friday, 14 February 2014


I could do a really long post on how sorry I am I've left it so long since my last post. But I'm just going to jump straight into.
So I've been working  at Fred Perry for a while now and I honestly love it. I am passionate about the brand and I think my wardrobe reflects that!
As I work at the outlet we obviously get the clothes a year after high street. Therefore we have just had the paisley Amy Winehouse Foundation collection in store. I have loved this collection since high street and now own 3 polos, 1 shirt, a dress, a bandanna and a bag!
The patterns are bright and fun but still have the Amy feel to them. It's a bold collection which I feel works with the brand as well as being different from the Laurel and Authentic womens' collections.

Here are a few 'selfies' of the shirt, dress and polo. I think it is one of my favourite Amy collections and am saddened by the news that they may not be producing many more through the foundation!